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Francois Aleta – Video


Pondre, 2006
Text from the Ballard Fetherston Gallery (Seattle):
This video is the result of a process: The artist, after having created his own graphic alphabet, refiguring and drawing each letter and then installing it as his own font (“Textimage”) for the computer, offers here excerpts of his latest French essay “Pondre” (translated from French as “to lay” or “to produce”), on a screen with the Textimage font giving a graphic vision of his words.
Each letter overlaps one another; each word and sentence becomes a new drawing and gives the rhythm to the video: You are watching a video, a moving image, that is the drawing of a text…

La lune

La lune, 2000. Video – 9 minutes.
Soundtrack:Composed & mixed by Kasper T. Toeplitz
Electric guitar: Vanessa Briggs
Tibetan bowls & poem: Francois Aleta

Shot on a beach of Brittany (Guilvinec, France), the fiction we can perceive in this video describes the way of two women through a zone of rocks and seaweeds, from one point to another.
This path, by the nature of its ground becomes a real adventure.
We can see in only a few minutes, the known gestures of mountain-walkers, the first disoriented behavior.
The two women move along as on a moon ground, the first steps on an unknown world; dizzy and lost, forced to take the chance, pushed to mutual aid as to being rivals.

From the innocence of the walkers and their solidarity instinct appears a real social and political competition, a wild desire of getting over the obstacles and thus, without damages and before the other.
We can perceive the fear of falling and the gravity, the ability of adapting to a new environment, the social and inside satisfaction of the obstacle overcame.

From a simple walk on the beach, we see the whole human condition, its failings, fears and innocence : the new heroic acts offered to modern humans….